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December 2, 2022  

무슨 냄새야?| The One with Olabimpe Shode - What’s That Smell?: Episode 33 (2022)

The More Sibyl Podcast Presents: 

Guess who's back? Yes, you guessed right, it's Olabimpe! My “I'll say it as it is, won't hide the truth from you” friend. This week, we are keeping it real (as always) and exchanging tips and stories about personal hygiene. Crotch smell, funky boxes, body odor, mouth odor - we went there, all the way, without holding anything back!

Ours today is a conversation some people may be uncomfortable with, but it is essential because there are lessons to learn that may help someone out there. 

Also, my co-host Ayomide won't be with us for a while, so it's just us for the time being.  Enjoy the episode, and take care of your boxes!

Read the blog here:

Recommended Song: “Mine" - Koli (2022)

PS: Check the website for a listing of stuff we recommend for personal hygiene.

November 22, 2022  

나의 기쁨을 환영한다| The One with Koli Ori Akpet - On Creativity and Careers: Episode 32 (2022)

The More Sibyl Podcast Presents:


In this week's episode, our guest on the show is Koli Ori Akpet (@manlikekoli). We have an exciting conversation about the creative space and how he has nurtured his creative skills while maintaining his career. Trained as a lawyer, he also describes himself as a singer, songwriter, and poet.

We learn more about his creative skills, who and where he draws inspiration from, his lessons, and advice for upcoming creatives. 

He released an album titled. Welcome to my joy early this year (February), and you can stream it on all music platforms. Find Koli on YouTube at and on IG and Twitter as @manlikekoli

Finally, Koli shared this quote: “The same things you were bullied about as a child are the very same things that make you a unique adult.” We’d like to hear from you about your childhood attributes that you’ve been able to turn around as a unique selling point as an adult.


November 10, 2022  

슬픔과 상실의 항해| The One with Bimpe Shode - On Navigating Grief & Loss: Episode 31 (2022)

The More Sibyl Podcast Presents: 

In this week's episode, I am joined by a very good friend of mine, Bimpe. We have a conversation around grief, loss, and navigating unexpected incidents. This is inspired by the recent loss experienced by popular artist Davido and the Itaewon Halloween disaster. 

I shared two particular incidents when I thought I had lost my little girl and how that made me feel. Bimpe shares her own experience with grief and how this affected her. We also have a well-rounded conversation around various topics, such as the safety of children and tips on grieving, abuse, and healing. 

Read blog here:슬픔과-상실의-항해-the-one-with-bimpe-shode-on-navigating-grief-loss-cac0e98ff174

November 4, 2022  

안녕 나의 친구들| The One with the Mo!nologue - How Are You, Mosiblings?: Episode 30 (2022)

The More Sibyl Podcast Presents: 

안녕 나의 친구들| The One with the Mo!nologue - How Are You, Mosiblings?: Episode 30 (2022)


In this week's episode, we have only one of our hosts, Mo - oh, and her lovely toddler girl, and she shares how she's been celebrating her birthday month: traveling, one of her favorite things! She spent the first half of her trip enjoying quality time with her husband, T-Dawg (you should check out their episodes!), and the next half was in Europe, which she loved and will visit again. 


She also shares some not-so-great parts of her travel, especially missing her baby girl. Finally, she talks about the highlights of her trip, where she'd love to relocate, the beautiful places she's visited, her thoughts on good and bad experiences, and how she's doing. We'd love to know how you are doing, so do let us know in the comments below: how are you doing?


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October 23, 2022  

콘크리트 목초지| The One with Nancy Mulemwa Siisii - Concrete Pastures: From Zambia To NYC: Episode 29 (2022)

The More Sibyl Podcast Presents:

Our guest for this episode is Nancy Mulelwa Siisii, a fellow podcaster who shares her immigration story from Mongu, Zambia, to New York City, spanning 20 years!

As a dreamer, she had and continues to have a passion for making substantive bonds with audiences and helping to inspire people to reach for their dreams. Being an immigrant has been one of her life's most challenging and extraordinary experiences. It inspired her to start her podcast “Concrete Pastures: An African Immigrant Story” as a platform to reach out to fellow immigrants and dreamers.

Nancy started out as a babysitter in New York before transitioning to McDonald's and Bloomingdale’s and finally making her way as a branch manager in one of the top financial institutions in the world.

Currently separated from her partner of 15 years, we explored the pains of failed relationships, especially when children are involved. Most importantly, gaining clarity on the part both individuals play when relationships don’t work out anymore.

Read blog: 


October 15, 2022  

조기 유방암 진단| The One With Nkechi Blessing Ugboaja (Kosi) - On Her Recent Breast Cancer Diagnosis at 39: Episode 28 (2022)

The More Sibyl Podcast Presents: 

In this week's episode, we (Ayomide and I) interview Ugboaja Nkechi Blessing, popularly called Kosi. She is a medical laboratory scientist in her early 30s and married with two adorable young daughters. She was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year, and we talked a good bit about how this has changed the trajectory of her life as a wife and young mother of two with no medical insurance.

We often have our life planned; unfortunately, life sometimes happens, and we need to soldier on. Life happened for Kosi, and she shares how this new information concerning her health has impacted her and the loved ones around her. We had a conversation about cancer and what it means, how she and her family are handling the diagnosis, how she detected it early by herself, and her next steps. 

Please donate whatever you can by clicking on this  gofundme link

Read blog here: 


October 7, 2022  

내 불안에 대한 모든 것| The One with Mo!’s Anxiety - On Living With Your Own Brain: Episode 27 (2022)

The More Sibyl Podcast Presents: 

In this episode, Ayomide interviewed me (again), but from the perspective of my relationship with anxiety.   We talked about how I have been struggling with anxiety and the relationship between my anxiety and my parents. For context, my mum had me at 21, before marriage, and she was from a typical Christian home. I have struggled with anxiety as far back as I can remember—I cannot remember any time I wasn’t. Ayomide went through my experiences with me, and we discussed how I could be better going forward, especially in light of how I view myself and rub off on my daughter. 

Of course, this is my own story, and your mileage may vary. Still, I have often found the stories of others helpful. Hopefully, you’ll find something to take away from my stories of living with anxiety, handling complicated relationships and cases, dealing with childhood trauma and its later effects, and coming out positive. 

September 30, 2022  

여태까지는 그런대로 잘됐다| The One with Mo!- Episode 200 - So Far So… Good?: Episode 26 (2022)

The More Sibyl Podcast Presents:

It’s our 200th episode! Forgive us if we feel a little proud of this major feat! For context, only 1% of podcasts make it past 20 episodes–we’ve just hit ten times that which puts us in the stratosphere! (We certainly feel that way!)


You can blame our excitement, then, that the guest on today’s show is–me! I get to be interviewed by Doc Ayomide on the journey thus far. We thought it would be a good time to chat about the creative process and the consistency it took to get here. Getting to 200 is way past being creative; it has become a lifestyle. I won’t lie, I was nervous when we first discussed it–I am used to asking the questions–but it turned out to be a lot of fun! 

Ayomide’s questions made me think: I got to advise my younger self when she was about to begin a podcast and shared my best episode and episodes I thought wouldn’t connect but did. 

We also discussed the changes in my life since I began the podcast and how I have responded to them. I started this podcast to learn more about people's cultures, but I ended up gaining the wonderful community that is you all. I also talked about the future and expectations. Words don’t suffice, however, so…. listen!


P.S: We are celebrating 200 episodes with a virtual party! It’s happening on the 1st of October at 10 am CST/4 PM WAT. Lots of cash prizes to be won! 

September 25, 2022  

무한한 은혜| The One with Grace Mulenga - On Grace Beyond Borders: Episode 25 (2022)

The More Sibyl Podcast Presents: The One with Grace Mulenga - On Grace Beyond Borders


In this episode, we’re joined by Grace Mulenga, a good friend who was born and raised in the beautiful country of Zambia, aka the smile of Africa. I met Grace in Austin, Texas, over five years ago, and she still lives and works there with her husband, Chiluba, and enjoys serving their community through various initiatives.

Among her many accomplishments, Grace is delighted to serve and uplift others. She is a public speaker on various platforms and a keynote speaker at charity fundraisers, church ministry, and community youth programs. She has served on the alumni Bootcamp panel for first-year MBA students for several years and recently published her first book, Audacious Destiny, an inspirational spiritual memoir of a journey of resilience and faith. 

Grace moved to the US at the tender age of 19, but she didn’t have it easy in Zambia, but that has not stopped her from making a success of her life in the US. She had to put in the work, and her focus and direction, even from a young age, helped set her apart.

The last of eight girls, she shared her experience with her sisters and as a black immigrant woman in D.C and Texas and how she has surmounted her challenges. 


Mo! and Ayomide


September 16, 2022  

멋진 가나인들| The One with The Oseis - On Building Love, Family & Careers: Episode 24 (2022)

The More Sibyl Podcast Presents: 

This episode is a LIVE one! And we are doing something else differently; our guests are a couple! I met Nana Osei first as a student at my university who was leaving as I started as an assistant professor. A mutual friend connected us, and the rest, as they say, is history. 

The Oseis are from Ghana. Nana is a pharmacist (PharmD), while Richard has a Ph.D. in computer science and is very passionate about sharing his knowledge with the next generation. He started at church and is currently a full-time assistant professor teaching computer science courses at Langston University. He also volunteers to teach young black kids to code. As a teacher, he’s very passionate about sharing his knowledge with the next generation.

They shared how they met, moved to a new country as a newlywed couple, and then went on to have kids. They also shared their experience raising Cassie, who is on the autism spectrum. We discussed how our home countries, Nigeria and Ghana, are hurting, our leadership issues, and other issues that need to be worked on for our countries to experience progress. They also shared how they are building their careers, volunteering for causes they are passionate about, and still giving their family and children the required attention. 

Finally, we discussed the implication of the recent passing of the Queen of England on colonized countries, whether the monarchy is still relevant, and whether we should even be having conversations about the monarchy in light of all the African artifacts and money still in their possession. 

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