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August 4, 2022  

미스 마블| The One With Munjireen - On Life As A Muslim Bangladeshi-American Academic: Episode 18 (2022)

The More Sibyl Podcast Presents: 

Munjireen is a dear friend and brilliant colleague whose degrees and work experience speak for her. She is passionate about neuropsychology, mental health, and wellness.

Munjireen shared her experience as a second-generation Muslim Bangladeshi- American living in America with her parents and the culture shocks and differences she went through. We saw these similarities even as Nigerians. 

We learn why her parents migrated to the USA, her experiences as an academic and how those have been shaped by her religion and nationalities, and how and why she is in public health, mental health, and refugee care. 

Oh, and listen to how she and Ayomide gushed on and on about Ms. Marvel and all things nerdy!

Listen to the full episode here.


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July 29, 2022  

아프리카의 아름다움과 성장| The One With Muloongo - On The Beauty and Growth of Africa: Episode 17 (2022)

The More Sibyl Podcast Presents: 

We have a returning guest on the podcast! Muloongo was last with us in 2018, and it’s great to have her back.

Muloongo is a fierce advocate for Africa, a pan-African thought leader who blogs about African and global issues on her platform, ONGOLO, and her mission is to change the narrative about Africa as a continent with little to offer. Her blog provides news, insights, and analysis on business, economy, lifestyle, people, politics, sports, and travel. She has a global audience of people with a passion for Africa. She also has experience across many sectors, including oil and gas and management consulting, from her 17 years in the corporate space. She shared what she’s learned about switching and growing careers. 

Muloongo also shared her experience since returning from Singapore to  London and the other seven countries she has lived in, and the inspiration behind ongolo.comAs African arts and entertainment go ever more mainstream and global appreciation for Africa grows, there remains more work to be done, and we discussed with Muloongo about Africa’s politics and passivity, ideas and challenges, leadership, and strategies, and what each of us can to do help our continent more influential. We also hear about her books, career, and what she’s working on next. 

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July 21, 2022  

관계의 동력 역학| The One With The Two - On Power Dynamics In Relationships: Episode 16 (2022)

The More Sibyl Podcast Presents: 


In this episode, Ayomide and I talked about power dynamics in relationships and the forms they may occur. People often hesitate to talk about power dynamics in relationships–many perceive power as negative or manipulative.  But power can be helpful–even beneficial–for both parties in a relationship and can come in many forms: a friend who helped bring you out of a tough season, a teacher who helped form the values that have shaped you, or a friend you admire and who gives you good advice. But simply not talking about power makes it easier to be abused in relationships.


What exactly is power, and how does or should it affect relationships? What forms does the power take? How do we ensure we are using it for the good of others and just ourselves? When do power dynamics go bad in relationships? What do you do when you feel intimidated? This episode addresses all of these and more. 


Listen to the full episode here:


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July 14, 2022  

시간에 춤을 추는 방법| The One With Jenim Dibie - On How To Dance in Time: Episode 15 (2022)

The More Sibyl Podcast Presents: 


Our guest on this episode is my friend Jenim, a poet and a writer who I first met in college. She has written over 500 poems, two poetry anthologies, and just released her third book, How To Dance In Time. Jenim started writing early on and has since made a name for herself. She likes to read, dance, and watch The Office in her spare time. She dreams of one day living in a house by the sea with ten dogs and having written a hundred books. 

Jenim has used her writing to process her negative experiences of verbal abuse, pain, and life pressures and found succor, strength, and expression by sharing her heart through her words.  We talked about her journey as a poet and writer, her struggles with depression, the fame that comes with the peaks and the lows that come with the valleys, and how she has been able to navigate both. She shared about writers who inspire her and those who were overwhelmed by their “demons” and how she works to avoid ending up like them. 


Jenim has found joy, which has positively affected her art. How did she do this? Listen to the full episode here.


Also, happy birthday, Jenim!!!

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July 8, 2022  

나이지리아 한국어 선생님| The One With Nneka - Korean As A Second Culture: Episode 14 (2022)

The More Sibyl Podcast Presents: 

In this episode, we are talking about a topic dear to my heart–- the Korean language and culture! Esther Nneka Nnanna describes herself as “a struggling writer, digital entrepreneur, and culture enthusiast”. She’s also a content creator, Korean speaker and teacher, artist, and self-taught multi-lingual. 

As a recent learner of Korean myself, I especially love seeing someone from my home country share this same love. I met her via her delightful Instagram handle, where she parodies Korean culture. 

Nneka explored with us similarities between Korean culture and her own native Igbo culture as well as what aspects she believes Nigerian cultures can learn from. She took us on a step-by-step process of how she learned the language. We also explored how Korean leadership was deliberate about the directives, initiatives, and laws that help not just preserve but also profitably export their culture.


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July 1, 2022  

특출난 아버지| The One With Rafiat and Her Dad - Exceptional and Exemplary Fatherhood: Episode 13 (2022)

The More Sibyl Podcast Presents: The One With Rafiat and Her Dad - Exceptional and Exemplary Fatherhood

For our annual Father’s Day giveaway, we asked our Instagram followers to share one extraordinary thing their father had done for them. The winner was Rafiat Akinwande, an ambitious Nigerian I have known from the African podcast community for a while now and looked forward to having on the show—having her dad as well was a welcome extra!

Rafiat talked about her dad, Mr. Kola Akinwande, with such love, honor, and endearment. One significant thing he did for her: because he had just lost his job when she gained admission into a good secondary school, he sold his shares to support her! In Ayomide’s words, “that is literally investing into your child!” 

He, in turn, had many positive words to say about Rafiat. He also shared the values that guide him and how he tried to instill these values in his children. He also shared how his girls are especially dear to him because traditional culture has tended to think less of the girl child. 

Rafiat also shared her favorite memories with her dad and the values and lessons she imbibed from him. We hope you will be as inspired as we were!

For women who didn’t have a good relationship with their dads, for fathers who didn’t get it right in raising their kids right from the onset, our dear Mr. Akinwande has a few words that will make all the difference for you.


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June 23, 2022  

가장 사랑하는 아빠| The One With Dad - Daddy Dearest: Episode 12 (2022)

The More Sibyl Podcast Presents: The One With Dad - Daddy Dearest

Still in honor of Father’s Day this month, I interviewed my dad (yet again). As Ayomide said, “he is the most important father on this show,’, and I couldn’t agree more. 

My dad is the most requested guest on the show. This is his third time on (the other two being in 2017 and 2018). This time, he shared his childhood experiences and how they formed his parenting style and his passion for education. Despite being born in a time when it wasn’t considered a priority, he struggled to obtain a solid academic foundation and did the same for us, and he views this as his greatest accomplishment. 

Dad went ahead to share his thoughts on how busy dads can make time with their family without their work suffering. In many ways, this episode continues our previous conversations and I hope you enjoy it as much as Ayomide and I did. 


June 16, 2022  

우리 아버지의 일생| The One With Jirade Bepo - On Baba: Fatherhood and Sacrifice: Episode 11 (2022)

The More Sibyl Podcast Presents: The One With Jirade Bepo - On Baba: Fatherhood and Sacrifice


Jirade has been on the show before and it’s great to have her again! In honor of Father’s Day, June 19, we invited Jirade to share with us the warm and inspirational relationship she had with her father. Baba, as everyone fondly called him, died a few weeks before we recorded this episode, while they were planning for his 79th birthday. It was a deep loss for everyone who knew Baba, who was loving, large-hearted, full of life, and loved the people in his life. 

In this episode, Jirade shares about the kind of father Baba was, and the sacrifices he made, Including some warm memories. 

We found her stories about her memories of Baba’s values and character very inspiring and emotional: you need to hear her tell them in her own voice.

Listen to the full episode here and don’t forget to share it with others. 


In honor of Prince David Adebisi Bepo, “BABA” (1943–2022),

Mo! and Doc Ayomide


P.S: We have a father’s day giveaway on Instagram. You have the opportunity to be a guest alongside your dad on the show, to be followed by a date with him!  Click here to enter. 



June 9, 2022  

아리 아빠| The One With TDawg - From Foster to Forever Father: Episode 10 (2022)

The More Sibyl Podcast Presents: 

아리 아빠| The One With TDawg - From Foster to Forever Father: Episode 10 (2022)


In the Spirit of Father’s Day, my dear husband is the guest on this episode. TDawg and I would be married for eleven years later this month. For those who do not know, we have struggled with having a child biologically, so two years ago, we were blessed with Ariife, our foster child, who we have now been lucky to adopt. 


I have known TDawg for 18 years and we have been many things to each other. At various points, he has been my French student, brother (in Christ), father, husband, advisor, and lover. And I’ve seen him perform his duty as an uncle, as a son, and as a nephew. Children love him deeply, and in this episode, he shares his experience of fathering an adopted child, especially as a man who, like many, took the time to be open to adoption. He also shares about his relationship with his own father, the values the older man passed down, and how these values have shaped him personally and in raising his own child. 


P.S:- We have a father’s day giveaway on Instagram. You have the opportunity to be a guest alongside your dad on the show, to be followed by a date with him!  Click here to enter. 


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June 2, 2022  

사랑과 상실| The One With Von Apochi - On Love and Loss: Episode 9 (2022)

The More Sibyl Podcast Presents: 

In today’s episode, Ayomide and I interviewed my dear friend, Von Apochi. He is currently living in the US and is president of the SabiWaka Natural Company. He is also a business analyst in a top financial firm and an entertainer. He is proudly African, loves diverse cultures, and is sociable. 

Von has a very supportive family and system and this episode reinforced my conviction of the value of family. In a similar vein, Von also has a deep love for Black Americans and refers to them as “our cousins.” We discussed some of the history of tension between African Americans and Africans.

We also discussed his entrepreneurship and the challenges he has faced, and he shared some of the lessons he’s picked up along the way, how he has managed his brand after the heat of fame, and what he is currently working on. 

Finally, the episode gets heavy as we discuss Von’s grief since losing his sister, Tega Apochi Akpofure* (@tegaapochi), in January and how he’s been coping since her death. 


Listen to the full episode here, and don’t forget to share it with others. 


*In Memoriam of Tega Apochi Akpofure,

Mo! & Doc Ayomide



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