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May 20, 2022  

평화롭게 살자| The One With The Two – Mental Health isn’t Personal; It’s Relational: Episode 7 (2022)

In Ayomide’s words: “Mental health is not solely individual; it's very much social. It’s relational.”


May is mental health month, and the theme for this year is “Let’s connect.” In this episode, we talked about why mental health is more than just being about you - but relational and social—how you connect with others. We cannot attain the fullness of mental health until all areas of our lives are experiencing “peace” in the sense of relational wholeness. That’s what we discuss in this episode.


I shared my struggles with my mental health since I was ten, including losing a close friendship with which Ayomide shared his thoughts on. If you’ve lost (or are at risk of losing) a close friendship, you’ll find a lot to relate to here as we discuss managing such situations in light of our mental health. Then we go on to discuss anxiety, depression, and the challenges around taking medications for mental health issues!


Mental health and relationships are two very important areas of our lives—so be sure to share this episode’s link with everyone you know.


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May 12, 2022  

파도처럼 흐른다| The One With Urmi – On Being Bengali by Blood, Italian by Birth, Canadian by Love: Episode 6 (2022)

Urmi Identifies as “Italian by birth, Bengali by blood, and Canadian by love.”


Urmi’s passion for women and children drives her to volunteer in nonprofit organizations and children’s hospitals and help underserved women raise money. She was born in Italy to Bengali immigrants, and she always felt out of place in both worlds. As a result, she gravitated toward interests in mental health, lifestyle, and financial education, especially how women are affected, but confessed she still, like many children of immigrants, struggles with feeling like a disappointment to her parents.


Urmi shares her experiences as an immigrant in Italy and navigating cultural differences and parental and family pressures. Yet, over time, she has managed to build a life that works for her and makes her happy amid all the pressure of their expectations and her experiences.


She took us down memory lane through her childhood, her feelings, struggles, achievements, and failures, and how they have made her the woman she is today. It was a delight to listen to her account and how she has learned to embrace all of her cultural identities.


If you’re an immigrant (or, as we prefer to say, expatriate), you’ll love this episode, but it’s also a celebration of family, relationships, and knowledge.


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May 5, 2022  

초강대국과 공동체| The One With The Two – On Superpowers & Communities - Episode 5 (2022)

The More Sibyl Podcast Presents: 

In Mo's words, "I have realized that you can't keep hiding your light or diminishing your strengths. You must learn how to use it because there is just the power in letting it shine. What comes to you so effortlessly might be something someone else is trying to get."


This episode is about strengths, or as we describe them, your superpowers: identifying, cultivating, and using them to serve others besides yourself. After all, we don't want to be like a new superhero who doesn't realize their own strength.


We also discuss how relationships and communities help you hone your superpowers and how we manage our excesses for a more significant cause. The conversation starts with Ayomide and I sharing our high points for the week. It then turns into what might be one of the show's most enlightening and soothing episodes ever.


What's your superpower, that thing others wonder how you do so easily? How do you let it shine? How do you strengthen it? How do you make sure you aren't selfish with it? How do you use it to make the world a better place?


Hear our answers to these questions on the episode here, and then share yours in the comments on Instagram!


Shine on, you super, you!

Mo! & Ayomide




Proverbs  18:24:- A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother (KJV)


April 28, 2022  

러시아계 미국인이 되는 것| The One With Natasha – On being Russian - American and Other Stories: Episode 4 (2022)

Describing Russia in a 1939 radio broadcast, Winston Churchill said, "It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma." Like a matryoshka doll, one might say?    


Today we have a wonderful guest, a dear friend since graduate school (The University of Texas, Austin #Hookem!), where she was my senior – Dr. Natasha Shcherbakova, super smart but very down to earth. Natasha is currently an associate professor at the Western England University, College of Pharmacy. She was on the show last year and it is a privilege to have her on again, this time with Ayomide.


In this episode, Natasha opens up to Ayomide and me about her love for reading, how the use (or not) of social media has made her a more productive adult, her life as a Russian in the USA, and the cultural differences she has faced since she moved. Of course, she also bares her heart about how she feels about her home country in light of recent news.


If you are passionate about reading, personal development, cultural differences, and how to easily navigate them, this episode is surely for you.


I really enjoyed this episode and found it enlightening. I respect Natasha's intellect; so, it was inspiring to learn more about the values that have formed her and the perspectives she has gained. I think you will see what I mean as you listen.          


благодарю вас

Mo! & Ayomide


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April 20, 2022  

마흔 살이 되다| The One With The Two – On Birthdays & Meanings: Episode 3 (2022)

When I turned 20, a dear friend, Dr. Olamiju, said to me: "Your 20s are for discovering what you want for your life. In your 30s, you put more meaning into those discoveries. Finally, at 40, you fully live that life in a well-defined way." – Mo!


With this quote in mind, Ayomide shared his thoughts on turning 40! He said he's made mistakes and tried many things, but the confidence he's garnered thus far is of limits and not of certainty.


Are birthdays societal constructs? Or are they reflective times? As you grow older, do you worry about how old you get? Do you worry about aging? What is your ideal birthday like? What expectations should one have and live up to as they grow older?

With the wisdom associated with aging, Ayomide dished out quite a lot of this, especially on accepting the reality of again and slowly dying (spoiler alert, we all are from age 20 and up).


This was quite a deep and retrospective episode.; so listen to this remarkable episode here.


PS: Do you, too, think birthdays are a social construct?! Let's hear from you.

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April 14, 2022  

시간을 초월한 친구| The One With The Two – On Being Friends Across Space & Time: Episode 2 (2022)

The best friends to talk with are those friends that you agree enough that you can talk endlessly but you disagree enough that you can debate forever.


Friendship is a place for safety and comfort, so imagine how much more this can be with a “best friend!” What exactly is a best friend and who should a friend or best friend be in the real sense of the word?

Today, my friend and new co-host Doc Ayomide (who has been my friend for 18 years, BTW) shared his thoughts on friendship using our own friendship as an example. We look at our relationship throughout the years and how we have managed to remain friends.  


In this episode, you’ll hear it all: the highs, lows, positives, and even the struggles we’ve had in our friendship and how we have managed to navigate and surpass them. You’ll also learn what true friendship really is and how to be intentional and deliberate in your own friendship, especially with people you really care about.


This is one episode you should share with that special friend or person in your life. It will help reinforce and strengthen the relationship you already have going!  Don’t forget to tag and share this episode with your “best” friend.


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Yours Friendly,

Mo! & Ayomide

April 7, 2022  

새해; 같은 목표| The One With Mo!nologue – New Year; Same Goals: Episode 1 (2022)

The new year comes with a new season for The More Sibyl Podcast but for me, it's not always about resolutions but just implementing on goals I hope to achieve.

This episode is to welcome you all to Season Five of The More Sibyl Podcast and to unpack all that we have in store for you. In this episode, I give an update of the things I have been up to since you last heard from me, a recap of last season’s award winners, and what you should expect this season. I went off the tangent a little, but that’s fine too.

I shared a bit about my personal struggles, wins, plans, changes, and all I have been up to, in an encouraging way. Hoping you can glean something from this.


There’s a big change coming to the podcast, listen in to know exactly what it is!


This episode is quite inspirational, lighthearted, and vulnerable and you will learn a lot not only about me but about yourself and the real changes you should be making for yourself in 2022.


Listen to everything shared here.



December 23, 2021  

천주교 신부 되기| The One with Father James Anyaegbu – On Being a Catholic Priest: Episode 41 (2021)

The More Sibyl Podcast Presents

천주교 신부 되기| The One with Father James Anyaegbu – On Being a Catholic Priest: Episode 41 (2021)


When asked what they want to be when they grow up, most children say they want to be a doctor, a lawyer, or an engineer, among other things. However, it is rare to come across someone who wishes to become a priest. Well, I had the opportunity to meet someone who had been fascinated with the idea of becoming a priest since the age of six.


Father James Anyaegbu is a Catholic Diocese of Aba and a Nigerian priest currently serving in pastoral ministry in Scotland, United Kingdom. He entered the seminary at the age of 11 to be trained as a priest. With his passion for young people, he founded an online platform to share his faith and charity work. And, even though he was born when there was no internet, he figured out social media and has used it as a tool to reach many by teaching them about the Catholic faith and reassuring them about the love and faith in Christ since the pandemic.

It was a pleasure to sit with this TikTok-savvy priest as he reflected on his childhood and how far he has progressed in his priesthood journey. Fr. James is incredibly passionate about his work as a priest and bridging ecumenism. He also shared some insightful advice for those traveling home for the holidays and some sound advice for parents.


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December 16, 2021  

새로운 사업주| The One with Olabimpe Shode - On Running a Business from the Diaspora & Other Stories: Episode 40 (2021)

The More Sibyl Podcast Presents


새로운 사업주| The One with Olabimpe Shode - On Running a Business from the Diaspora & Other Stories: Episode 40 (2021)


With the discovery of the Omicron variant, another Omega variant, the variability of information, the vaccination palaver, and the travel ban, 2021 has been a ride, like a journey from the big year 2020. My teenage friend, Bimpe, who is not new to the podcast, was with me to discuss 2021 so far.

We discussed the inconsistency of information on the COVID, the controversies that have circulated, and she shared safety tips for those traveling during this holiday season. Mask up, whether you've been vaccinated or not!

In the midst of 2021, she launched her business in Nigeria, and we discussed how to start and run a business in Nigeria. She had an entrepreneurial spirit even before moving to the United States, which she has now developed. Bimpe founded Beams Kiddies to serve children aged 0 to 12 and their caregivers, selling lifestyle products and gently used items. Running a business in Nigeria and entrusting it to others is risky, but my resilient friend did it anyway and shared her challenges, wins, and everything in between.

It was a lighthearted and enjoyable episode in which we shared relatable stories about almost everything. Listen to everything we shared here.


You can find Bimpe's business on IG - and @beamskiddies.thrift and physically at 20 Ajose Street, Mende, Maryland, Lagos.


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Beam me up, Scotty,


December 10, 2021  

암호화폐에 관한 모든 것| The One with Ojogbane Okolo – On Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and ”Those Who Love Them”: Episode 39 (2021)

The More Sibyl Podcast Presents


Though born in the UK, Ojogbane grew up in the northern part of Nigeria in a large family amidst uncles and aunties. He would eventually move to the UK to begin life for himself. Despite some initial hiccups reintegrating, he's managed to stay resilient and optimistic.

Ojogbane, who's now a crypto and NFT trader, talked about his journey toward entrepreneurship after leaving his 9-5 job featuring Lloyds Bank and Deloitte, in no particular order nor magnitude. He also shared the impact of boarding school on life as he now knows it, how he was taught to be resilient and understand early enough how life works.

We also explored him moving back to the UK, then vs. now, in which he clearly stated how important it is to find the right people before moving to a new country. We also tried to demystify the cryptic nature of cryptocurrencies, NFT trading, the mystery around the virtual trading world. Also, on how to get started and some basic terminologies to know. Finally, we explored criticisms and delved into why some countries like China have issues with crypto, NFT, and the like.

Ojogbane helped us unpack cryptocurrency's essence though I still have more questions than answers. Nevertheless, this was an excellent episode. Don't believe me? Listen for yourself.


Find Ojogbane and his adventures via @iamthechoko on IG and the bird page.


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