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June 3, 2021  

미혼 남자의 삶| The One with Akinola Akinlawon – On Being Single: The Male Perspective: Episode 11 (2021)

June 3, 2021

The More Sibyl Podcast Presents:


We are dedicating this month to all our single listeners and kicking off this relationship series with the male’s perspective on singlehood. To do justice to this topic is Akinola Akinlawon.


Akin, popularly referred to as “A.K.,” is a technocrat, critical thinker, gaming enthusiast, strategist, and friend with a reputation for being an architect of individual and organizational positive change. He earned his bachelor’s degree with honors in computer science from Cameron University in Oklahoma and has served as a leader in various capacities while being awarded numerously for his visionary involvement, commitment, and academic excellence. He holds a Master’s degree in Management of Information Systems at the University of Houston and owns an independent I.T. consulting business called Digital Designs and Engineering. He spends his spare time as a teacher, pianist, and poet.


In this episode, Akin shared his reasons for being single and was vulnerable enough to give us exclusive information about his previous unsuccessful relationships and the lessons he learned. We also discussed his opinion on males feeling intimidated by independent women, reasons why men “ghost” women, and of course, we attempted to answer the age-old question, “where are all the good guys?”


Akin dropped some hot tips for single ladies who are searching and hoping to be found. Listen and thank him later.